• Pull off the rubber seal that runs around the front of the engine.
      Pull the plastic cover out towards the front of the car.
      Take both cables off the battery terminals – negative first.
      You should see a clamp on the side of the battery which can be removed with a 14mm socket.
      Should also be a small hose on the right hand side of the battery that needs pulling off.
      Lift the battery out.

      • Hi my Passat 03 tdi 130 is leaking in the passenger foot well I was going to take battery off to see if there any drain holes but seems as though I may have to remove more than the rubber seal as the battery seems to big to remove are there any drain holes under the battery. regards john

        • I have a 2002 1.8 passat when starting it sometime epc light comes on and won’t start then will start light doesn’t come on now while driving it won’t exhilarate do you have any idea? Thanks

          • Hi Kim,

            I have just experienced the same problem with my 1999 Passat TDI. Did you manage to resolve the issue, if so what was causing the problem and how much did it cost. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

          • I have just bought a passat tdi est 2006, the indicators are giving wrong direction ( left is right and right is going left) signal, the wearing light for driver door keeps coming on. Any idea please

        • Hi I don’t know if you have sorted this but we had the same problem and it was the seal on the pollen filter that had gone. You can buy a new deal pretty cheap and you can YouTube a video on how to get to it. Hope that helps.

        • yes you have one drain under the battery tray and one under the brake cylinder must remove battery and tray to get into both drains to clear them

        • Vw do a repair seal kit for this if they do it total cost approx £170 but if you do not get it done as I brother in law it cost £750 as wiring was damaged

        • Hi pollon filter housing leaks .Have tried vw replacement deal still leaks. Also it will leak water through ecu gasget welcome to vw.

    • engine oil has been contaminated with diesel on my 54 plate vw passat 1-9 TDI
      the car wanted to go faster on its owon, and a smoke screen James bond would have been proud of was the result of this. any thoughts please.

      • If it is blue smoke rather than black smoke it could be a runaway engine – this happened with my golf. Get the turbo checked, the seal could be worn. I wouldn’t drive it until you have had it checked over. The oil gets sucked into the fuel mix so the car is running on oil rather than diesel and the engine doesn’t stop even when you turn it off and take the keys out.

    • Hi I’ve just purchased a 55 plate 1.9 disel Passat, when I accelerate in high revs I’m getting black smoke from exhaust .does anyone know what could be wrong with it

      • Hi Usually black smoke is a good sign of poor servicing and normally points to a blocked air filter as the system then burns too much fuel as an alternative….remember blue smoke is oil .white smoke is turbo ,unburnt fuel or water .

        • A have a 04 plate vw Passat 1.9tdi sport The car goes into limp mode no power and when it does come and go if you get any speed up lots of black smoke come out what could the problem be

          • Hi turbo veins sooted up int fault can use mr muscle through the egr inlet to the turbo try to clean it that way you tube video on that. But this is temp fix.

      • Hi
        Had this on mine its probably the rubber hoses after the turbo and before the inlet manifold have split, usually Ok at lower RPM when the turbo is not working so hard, usually accompanied with a drop in performance and a rise in fuel consumption.
        Basically as the air is being lost after the mass air sensor it is drastically overfueling

    • Had a flat battery got the start leads on the battery and going again, but now interior lights won’t switch off? It’s an Passat 05, Any idea how to fix this will be much appreciated.

  1. Passat 2001 showing a scattered or zigzag lines from the back of the car and now moving towards the middle on the car diagram on the dashboard around the temperature. Is this a problem with the exhaust pipe?

  2. Boot well filling with water (2007 Passat sport) Where is it coming from?
    also front and rear proximity alarms have ceased to work. Any suggestions?

    • Water ingress was very common in earlier Passats but not in the B6 you have. Have you had a replacement rear window that was badly fitted perhaps? Or maybe a leaking door seal.
      Alternatively it could be coming from nearer the front of the car and running to the back. Any other damp carpets?
      Electrical faults due to water getting into the electronic box of tricks under the carpet was also common in B5/B5.5 models and I’d suggest your water problem is doing the same here to cause your alarm problems. Good luck.

        • I own a year 2000 passat 1.8. I recently changed my compressor but anytime I put on my air condition and I get to a slow traffic, the car starts jerking and goes off. Any help?

      • Water ingress in the VW Passat 2001 on and Audi A4 and A6 from 2000 on are commonly caused by blocked vents (2 of them, one under the battery and 1 under the front wiper motor) which then allow the compartment between the engine and the windscreen to fill with water, which then leaks into the car and manifests itself as wet carpets in the cabin and boot.

  3. Have a 2002 130 TDI estate. The temp guage does not reach more than 25% and it used to get to 50%. Have changed the stat but no difference.Also new sender. I think the fuel consumption is being effected not running hot enough.

  4. I have just purchased a 2 litre TDi SE 140 – it does not have a CD changer can I fit one and how – I have an old CD changer I used in an old mondeo – will this fit?

  5. Please help,
    I have a Passat 1.9 tdi. On numerous journeys the coil light comes on and the car goes in to get you home mode and the message ‘ engine fault workshop’ appears. This is remedied by turning off the engine and immediately restarting when all is well until the next time it happens. A full diagnostic has been run by VW dealers in both The Ireland and the UK. The irish dealers replaced the solenoid control valve and this seemed to cure the problem for a couple of hundred miles. Since then the UK dealers have had thecar and can find nothing wrong, everything is as it should be and there is no recorded problem. Has anybody else suffered from this and found a cure?

    • Hi I’ve just had this happen to the coil flashes up says same but the car runs fine and no faults are recorded just unreconised code its not the air intake flap or manifold because they have been replaced recently im not sure whats wrong with it

    • I have an auto diesel passat 65reg. 59124mils and it suddenly stopped.Dead engineRAC called said it was the common INJECTOR prob which had also fused the wiring loom.Towed the main dealers who also said it was what the RAC had said Repaire cost for all injectors was £2612.00…NICE ONE
      Contacted vw Leeds and after 2 days they rang me to say that my vehicle will be repaired inc a new loom at NO CHARGE TO ME.
      That is what I call manufacturer service and customer relations.

    • what year passat as newer cars 08 and onwards have an emergency key in the plug in ignition key where the keyring bit it it comes out and is spare mechanical key and keyhole is under handle

  6. rear driver side footwell flooded. garage said washer pipe had popped out. now tonight car dripping water from below middle of car. any more ideas than my mechanic had?

    • Which model do you have? Very common to have water coming in through the engine end of the car and I’d guess if you have so much water in it, it’s more than what would come from the wash bottle.

  7. i have a vw cdi i put the fob in the dash the first stage light comes on then i push it in to the next stage the ignition lights come on sometimes then somestimes theres a clicking noise sometimes it starts then sometimes it dosent start for ages it has also cut out

  8. The problem is under the battery area there is a bulkhead with battery and ecu’s , it has two rubber drains on the base one at each side, they are blocked, use your finger to find and unblock the hole, the problem is when it rains, the bulkhead fills and water runs in to the heater duct and out of the rear footwell vent, unblock the two drains and the problem will be cured.

    • is the right hand drain hole under the battery base plate as I can only see one hole and that’s clear but its on the left side of the battery

  9. VW Passat 2.0 2004 – car seems to drive ok although perhaps not so well at high revs. Problem is the both EPC and MIL warning lights are on. Car not starting so well. Any suggestions?

    • Just been throught this fault where the car kept ngoing into limp mode wen turbo was ready to kick in….usually about 3000 revs. Ended up a blocked fuel line which I ended up replacing the fuelk tank as it kept happening after clearing the lines. Lots of s**t in the tank…..Now my Passat is flying like new. TDi 2000 1.9.

  10. I have recently bought a Passat 56 plate and on the keyfob there is no where to put keep it on a key ring with other keys. Is there any solution to this? Additionally it is a 2lsport tdi and done 95k miles. Does it need a cam belt change?


  11. PASSAT DIESEL 1997 200 000 miles. We have a problem selecting reverse gear and sometimes 1st. Cannot decide wether a gearbox problem or the gearshift adjustment / wear. Is there any common problems with these.

    • It’s a very common problem if u don’t want to fix it I would start using that e brake when you park or all he’ll is gonna break loose to the ever so lucky tune of $1200 my vws favorate number haha

  12. hello passat man
    i have a 2002 1.9tdi and when i accelerate i get a hiss sound as if air is leaking or being sucked through a tight gap,
    i’v had a look under the bonnet and it seems to be near the turbo and breather on the left hand side, is there some sort of seal that tends to go around that area and is it easy to replace myself

  13. Is there a Passat owners club in the UK?
    Bought a 52 plate 2.0 petrol estate with 52k miles on it. I love it and think it’s probably the best car I have bought. Want to share the happines of owning and driving my Passat.

    • Reset as follows.
      1..with the ignition off, press and hold the trip meter reset dutton (under the speedo
      2..swithch ignition on and then release the trip meter reset button. the displat with show one of the service notes.
      3..turn the knob which resets the minuets on the digital clock to the right (clockwise) “service —-” should be shown on display.
      4.. switch off ignition…= service now reset.

  14. i own a tdi passat with 116000 miles on it it has developed a knocking noise when moving over uneven ground its on the passenger side front any ideas and possibbly a rough cost?

  15. I have a vw passat petrol 2lt s 2003. Have pressure in the top of the engine. Using 1/4 lt oil (fully syn) every 200mls.No oil leaks on the engine.

  16. I have a 2005 passat tdi the engine management light has been flashing intermittantly for quite a while the diagnostic check shows no faults. Now the glow plug light has starting flashing as well, any ideas?

    • Hello
      I’ve got a passat on a 04 plate and I’ve had the same
      problem. Flashing heater coil. Check and see if you have
      any brake lights .if not its a blown bulb or stop light switch
      Under the dash. Not easy to get to…

  17. Yesterday my 2001 Tdi estate broke down after losing power, white exhaust and misfiring. RAC came and checked all normal things – petrol instead of diesel, water level, any warning lights on dashboard, battery, etc. Eventually he took out the oil dipstick and it turned out to have about 30l of oil in the engine – only it was more like a sludge: grey/black, sticky, and strange odour, not oily. Obviously either it was overfilled on its recent service or something’s leaking in. As the water level hasn’t been topped up lately but I think it’s been using a lot of diesel these last few days it would appear that I have a diesel-engine leak.

    We took it to the mechanic, well-respected locally, and they were stumped and said they couldn’t fix it, beyond their abilities, their speciality being older cars! They did a service about 3 weeks ago and there was nothing strange.

    There haven’t been any incidences of overheating although there was a slow water leak which was fixed with Radweld about 3 months ago. I am a little concerned that in doing this I’ve caused this other leak though.

    So, why and how has this leak occurred (assuming that’s what it is and not a vindictive pixie putting something in the engine!), and who would fix this, and for how much?

    The engine’s done about 100k but it’s a replacement (I bought it replaced), the car’s done 200k!

    Thank you so much for any help/suggestions that anyone can give – especially as I’m probably going to have to sell my soul to pay for this repair!

    • As you’ve pointed out Sarah, any number of reasons you could have this kind of leak (if it is a leak). Personally I’d take it straight to a VW dealer and see what they diagnose. Shouldn’t cost you a penny and then you can decide to take it elsewhere or have it done by them.

  18. No pulling power…switch off engine as driving, switch back on and power again! Turbo kicks out. Changed Maff/N75 but still a problem! Help?


    • if going into limp mode get the fault code, then get the turbo checked …most likely stuck vanes, strip down & soak vanes in WD40 overnight…takes about 6hrs labour

    • I just fixed this today for my I just took the top part my intake hose off and I say a 3″ piece of tube disconnected, also check the lines under your coolant tank mine was off also

  19. hi passat man just repleasd my serpentine belt and alterenator .trid jump start the car and it came up whith low oil presher stop

  20. Have a 2001 1.9 passat t.d.i after driving sometimes varying distances when dropping gear or easing off power the car starts to shudder as if misfiring, have had it serviced filters changed fuel cleaner added although better still doing it, have had it on diagnostic and still can’t find problem, any ideas.

    • Hi Bill. Did you have the fuel filter replaced and check fuel lines for blockages? Also wondering if a full diagnostic was done by a pro testing for all sensor problems?

  21. 2004 passat wagon,when locking car with key bob horn alarm sounds but lights do not flash,also any one changed head light buckets for better low beam

  22. i have a diesel passat blue motion on a 61 plate and pay paticular attention to the average consumption display. normally it reads 60mpg on average but today i couldn’t get a true reading because it was sporadic constantly changing reading anything from 10mpg to 200mpg. if you know anything about this problem could yoy please let me know.

    • Hi Kevin
      Not something I’ve specifically heard of. My guess is it’s a computer and or sensor problem. Presumably your warranty will cover it so I’d get it back to the dealer.

    • On my 2001 passat , on the end of the wiper stalk there is a rocker switch

      where one can change readings , eg miles to fill up average mpg , and also

      real time mpg etc. try pressing the rocker switch if fitted and see if this solves your problem.

  23. 2008 Passat 1.9 Diesel Saloon. Air conditioning seem very erratic. Even when left static at 22degC sometimes it is blowing hot air, then it overcompensates and blows freezing cold air. What’s causing this? Programming? Sensors?

  24. Ive got a 1.9 tdi 2001, every now and then when its warm it will run like its on 3 cylinders, when it does this i turn off the engine then on again and it cures the problem. no warning lights come on when it happens and it can go days before it happens.

  25. I’ve got a 2009 vw passat, bought it from new. and now not even 3 years later having so many problems with it. all of a sudden light popped up on the dashboard, saying engine failure, brake failure, the steering whell light comes on and so on, took it to the garage and after weeks, Volkswagen cant find out whats wrong, its a joke.

  26. The dealership has put the car on a diagnostic and cant find a problem and have run the car for 80+ miles and no lights are appearing, i went to go pick up the car and drove out the dealership and all the lights flashed on and took it back, this happened TWICE in the past week. if anyone knows what could be wring, please help me out. VW have replaced ECU, and it still has problems. the car is less than 3 years old.

  27. Front passenger door will not unlock from remote locking key. Can undo front passenger door from the inside . Any ideas what can be the problem?

    • Hi Paul
      Funnily enough I have exactly the same problem. I’m going to plug in my computer this weekend hopefully and try to work out what’s wrong. If you find out anything more in the meantime, please let me know. I’ve got a strong suspicion it’s related to the Comfort Control Module box having been wet in the past.

    • Hello there , I’ve had same problem on my passat . If your key will unlock
      Other doors the fault is the door lock. It costs just over £100 for an OEM part
      plus labour . Shop around for price for labour. No point fitting second hand part because it’s an unknown quantity .

  28. I have telephoned my local pssat dealer where our car was purchased from and they advise me to bring the car in to be looked at for £84 a hour! I will keep looking for a answer to my problem but I dont seem to have any manual keys, is this normal or should there always be a manual key within the remote locking key?

    • Hi there,
      What timing?? Cam timing ? ignition timing? Don’t even go their
      unless your skilled on engines know how to read Man specs
      and have the right tools.
      Dave . Mec all my life.


  29. I have a 99 passant 1.8t auto and it has Lac of acclration and power it seem this. Us my secound one and my last was way. Quickers any ideas

  30. Hi, I have a passat 1.9 tdi on an 05 plate. I am experiencing a slowing or lack of power. We have blown out the air censor a couple of times and it seems to cure it for a couple of weeks, then it happens again. Any ideas?

  31. Hi, have a 54 estate passat, and engine management light comes on intermittently Have a OBD 2 scanner. Fault code 17664 . 106K 1-9TD No other symptoms Any ideas please would be appreciated.

    • I had this problem six months ago. It cleared when I changed the Coolant temperature sensor which is at the rear of the engine block, drivers side. Your sensor is black the new one will be green.

  32. Hi, I have an 06 passat 1.9 TDi for the past 3 years. Just recently, some intermittant electrical faults have been occurring. The boot opens of it’s own accord usual activated when the remote central door unlocking system is oactivated or when the key is put in the ignition. Also intermittantly the front electric windows switch will not operate in the automatic mode. The parking brake also shows intermittant fault when activated.
    I’ve tried a number of ideas with the help of a mechanic with a laptop & diagnostic software to isolate the issues. I’ve replaced the car battery as it was near it’s end of life anyway and show it’s age (original battery) on the cold mornings. We have also disabled the boot release switch on the door using the laptop and this appeared to be a temporary solution. We have turn this switch back on and the problem has reoccurred. My mechanic thinks that it is a problem with the door control module in the drivers door. However I’m reluctant to replace any parts unless I know for sure that they are faulty.

    Could you help diagnose this problem or have you heard of these issues before with VW’s.


  33. speed sensor have been told that i will need to take my 2007 plate 2ltr tdi to a vw dealer to have it replaced mega bucks any suggestions

  34. i have a 2002 2.0L sport and the speedo and rev counter stop working now and again and sometimes they start working then stick could it be a lose connection and how can it be sorted.

  35. Just bought a Passat 1.9TDI 4motion estate 2004.
    Fitted DRL’s and now trying to wire them. I’ve found the cables I need feeding the rear of the headlamp unit. However I’d like to wire into fuse box. I’ve found the headlight fuses easy. But having problems finding indicator fuses. Which fuse would be bet for ignition feed?

  36. Decided to go direct from rear of headlights for indicator and dip. Ignition source will come from air intake connector. It’s just impossible to run cable from engine bay into cockpit.

  37. hello, my wife was driving on the motorway and got a low oil warning light and a STOP light, after pulling over and waiting a while she put some oil in, re started engine and drove for 2 minutes and got the same warning, she then stopped again and called the rac, they came and the car would not start, not sure what the problem is, can you help

  38. 53 Passat Estate 1.8 TDI
    Rear passenger door will not open from inside or outside.
    Central locking on door does not move. Pulling handles has no effect.

  39. I have a 2000 1.8T with 67k on the clock and have just lost all power to central locking, alarm, elec windows, sunroof, mirrors and int lights it was also very wet in the rear passenger footwell about a week ago it still runs and can be opened using the keys in the lock what could be at fault??

    • Mark,
      It’s a common fault with the passat. Water may be coming from the front footwell. Situated under the front passenger footwell there is a box which contains all the electronics for the central locking etc.
      The problem is under the battery area. There is a bulkhead with battery and ecu’s , it has two rubber drains on the base one at each side, they are blocked, use your finger to find and unblock the hole, the problem is when it rains, the bulkhead fills and water runs in to the heater duct and out of the rear footwell vent, unblock the two drains and the problem will be cured.
      You might be able to rescue the electronics by moving the carpet etc and disconnecting from the wiring and allow to dry out.

  40. Hi,
    I own VW Passat 1.9tdi on 05 plate. While i am driving, my ESP light comes on the dashboard it then starts flashing and at the same time my brake pedal moves down and car slows down momenteraly. This is happening pretty regular now does any one have any idea what this fault is and how much to repair. i took it to a gararge and they said this sensor is not important and ignor it when it comes on. I would like to get this fixed as i am concerned when driving with my family in the car. many thanks Mark

    • I have same prob, did you find out what it was? i don’t feel the brake peddle pressing in but the EPB intermittently comes on when im driving, i also have a passenger airbag light on and ESD OFF light comes on(the one by gearstick) every-time this EPB error happens, took it the garage and they cleared fault codes but could not find out whats up. Desperate to figure out what it might be as the EPB keeps coming on intermittently slowing the car down which is not good and i don;t feel very safe of course! beginning to wonder if it maybe water related as noticed some water dripping from the passenger door rubber hole over summer and had to keep pressing it to get the water out, will lift carpets up to look if i can… any ideas what it might be?

  41. Having problem fitting rear brake pads ,cant get pistons to wind back managed to complete one side eventually but not having any joy with off side useing same technique I dont have a proper wind back tool any suggestions would be gratefully accepted

  42. Hi I’ve got a 53 passat,I’m having trouble with the interior lights.when I open the drivers door the light don’t come on nor does the door open chime works.but when the other doors are open it works…….any ideas as this is really bugging me.
    thank you all 🙂

  43. just bought a 06 passat 2.0T, the rear driver side seat belt is stuck and will not retract back behind the back seat….any ideas on how to remove and replace or fix it??

    • Put some heavy pressure on the belt. If it doesn’t retract take the assembly apart, check the spring and reload it by hand. If it fails again see that you replace it because it won’t save anyone in a wreck while disabled

  44. I bought a new vw passat in august 2006. Thought they were a good car. I have since replaced the exaust recycling valve at 2 years. now at 5yrs 9 monthsI am faced with the replacement of the ignition switch, the flywheel clutch and bushes in the rear suspension. 60,000 mls on clock and not abused. Dissapplointed.

  45. hello there, i have a 2001 1.8 turbo sport passet.Usually it starts first time but recently it has had trouble starting after a run. it turns over but wont start up also the revs climb on there own without my foot on the pedel. if you have any feedback it would be appriciated. thanks.

  46. I have changed the battery in my 2004 Volkswagen Passat but now it will only open the driver’s door. It will not open any other door or operate the ignition. The battery is definitely the correct way up as the red light appears when I depress any of the buttons. Any ideas please..

  47. hi i got a 98 passat i have changed the mass air senser for a brand new 1 but as soon as i get to 3000 revs in 3rd gear it slows down and wont go over 80 any1 got any ideas please

  48. please i urgently need this , my volkwagen passat , fan get scatter each time i accelerate high, i have replace the fan 2 time but the problem still remain thesame

    please can somebody help me, thanks

  49. I have a 98 passat 1.8t it has fuel injector open circuit on all 4 and wont start any ideas? ive replaced the computer and wiring.

  50. Vw passatt 2008 2.0 turbo high line diesel, Heater plug light is on, engine management light on and deisel particle light on, filter been cleaned and regeneration done, but lights stay on and after 200miles goes back to limp mode, now car will not regenerate at all can anyone help?


  51. VW Passat R Line TDI 2010 – driving home from work tonight (usually 15 minute journey) the Engine Management light or glow lamp light started flashing and had a loss of power, got home left car switched off for approx 15 minutes and then took it for a drive and everything seemed to be back to normal with no flashing lights and no loss of power, any suggestions to what the problem could be?


    • hi brenda iv got the same problem with my car same model 2009 only seems to happen when up at 70 mph or above though iv had the erg valve cleaned out but was told that there was some oil in the turbo still having the problem if u have any luck in with urs let me know im stumped

  52. My car (Passat 2007 2.0 TDi Auto) has an intermittent fault ,where the low coolant fluid level warning light activates, but if i drive ten miles switch the car off then back on the fault clears. the garage advise a new filler cap should rectify the fault. Has anyone had a similar problem and how was it rectified?

  53. My car is a Passat 2007 2.0 TDi Sports. Only when towing a caravan there is a fault light on the dash, told to take to garage. Advised by garage to re-start engine and it does disappear for a short time, but then power is lost again. Just been told either new turbo required or cleaning. There are no issues if driving normally without a caravan. Has anyone had a similar problem?

  54. I have a 2009 VW Passat TSI Highline bought sept 2009, and in the last month or so the water in the engine container has been leaking profusely.
    What do i do?

    • Hi Joe
      You don’t say if you are filling it up?? If you are when the engine warm up it will force the water out as it expands. Other fault could be the thermostat ..if your temp gauge say your engine is getting to hot could even be head gasket .go to a garage and ask them to do test on engine coolant for poss head gasket fault.

  55. My 2006 diesel VW Passat TDI is `making oil’. It has been serviced three times only to have this oil problem return. It is emitting white smoke. When first service it stops, but is not get worse. I just checked the oil level and it has gone back up. No other person has touched my car. The last time the garage serviced the car infront of me.

    • Hi
      Just keep fingers crossed its not the head gasket. Go to A garage and get engine coolant checked for contamination .even if that’s negative you could still have head gasket fault. Check oil filler stick and engine oil cap for sludg.

  56. Hi i just bought a 200 plate 1.9 Tdi 250k milage and the turbo kinda dies at high speed then needs the engine turnin of to reset and then it starts workin again… any ideas?

  57. Hi,

    Just bought a 09 2.0 diesel bluemotion. This may sound very strange but when i go over a hill the car temporarily slows on the downslope as if it was just about to cut out or the brakes were just tapped. Not a serious problem but drives me mad…don’t want to sound daft going back to dealer with it…any ideas?


  58. Have a 97 passat tdi if I am at or over 1/2 throttle for much more than 5 seconds the car drops to about half power. Turning the car off and on again while coasting down the highway will remedy the situation until the next hill, when you press the gas and it shuts down again. Problem seems electrical any ideas?

  59. Tricky, but carefully access and remove your pot coils. One (or two) may be burnt out. You can lift each one out and tell by looking at them. Easy to source and replace on your own if it is this. Sounds like it.

  60. hi, I have a 2006 TDi that has been stood for a few months, have been starting it every 2-3 days and alls been well untill today, put key in and no dash lights and indicators,but still starts and drives, any ideas ?

  61. Hi,

    My Passat 1..9TDI 53 Reg (189000) is loosing power as I go over 60 MPH up the hill (on the same road it used to pull at 90 + MPH before). Also when I stop the car and turn the engine off it (engine) shakes a bit as its turned off.

    Down the hill I havn’t noticed the problem as it accelerates easily to over 80 MPH. Also the engine sounds a minutely different since.

    It had the timing belt and water pump changed at 184,000 miles few months ago along with service. Recently it had steering rack gaitor (boot) and brake flexi pipe change (MOT thing).

    I had only yesterday filled the tank with diesel from ASDA, could it be a problem with the fuel? or has it got a problem with Turbo, EGR Valve, Exhaust or anything else?

    Would really appreciate your suggestions.


    • Today I got an engine management signal it said the ‘Emissions Workshop’. I took the car for diagnostics at a local Garage and it came out as Turbo Boost Sensor. We were suspecting an EGR valve problem or clogging. So now my mechanic said that rather than changing the sensor straight away or taking the EGR valve or touching the hose pipes (inlets) we will first try to see whether the fuel is the culprit as I had filled a full tank of diesel before the problem happened.

      1. We resetted the Engine Warning light
      2. We put the ‘Redex Diesel injector cleaner’ (which apparently claims to clean the injector, reduce emissions and improves mileage) to see whether the engine warning light comes on again after I drive it for a day or two.
      3. If the problem persist then we will look at EGR valve, Turbo Boost sensor thing and other exhaust options.

      Till this point since I have resetted the engine light and put the Diesel injector cleaner I have not got the Engine Warning light after covering around 35 miles. There was not much difference driving on up the hill albeit slightly on the better. We will have a better idea after covering a bit more mileage.

      I will post further results as I analyse it.

  62. I have a Passat Highline 2008 1.9TDi.
    The SatNav/Audio console has apparantly decided not to function.
    The welcome message appears when the ignition is turned on but then subsequently fades and the screen turns off. The welcome message intemittently returns particularly if any of the operating switches are touched but then fades again.
    Could someone advise the likely cause/problem and possible solution so that I am forearmed before attending a VW dealer and potentially having my wallet raped?
    Many thanks

  63. I have passat 06 plates 2.0 tdi sport 140 bhp and my parking brake got fault and warning sound is killing me when I drive. is there any way to switch that sound off please.nanny thanks

  64. On my dash there it is saying faulty airbag and the light won’t go off also the electronic parking brake will not hold unless u park in first gear. Any one to help? The vehicle is 06 reg passat.

    • I have a passat 2005 1.9 TDi.
      I had the same problem took it to main dealer they claim it was wire under front passenger seat was charged £143.00 six months ago. My brother in law who is
      foot 9″ tall sat in front seat pulled it back for space and the dash then was saying faulty airbag again and as before won’t go off booked it in to the main dealers again and was told it is a common problem because of the wire’s underneath seat and belt.
      Hope this helps.

  65. I have a 52 reg Vw Passat 2.0 sport and bonnet is not opening,I am able to pull lever inside the car and this releases,but when I pull one under bonnet it doesn’t release?

    • I had this problem. I got a can of wd40 with the tube attatched and sprayed it under the bonnet where the lever is. Left it for a short while then push down on the bonnet a couple of times.. Then it opend when the lever was pulled.

  66. engine suddley stopped on my 2002 passat 2.0 petrol, tryed to restart it just wound over but wont start, left it for a while then it started but the yellow EPC light was on, got home and stopped engine, restarted it EPC light has gone out has anybody any ideas? it does feel that the engine slight under power

    • Hi long shot but did you find out what was causing this?, i’ve just brought one and the same problem is happening to me, have replaced the cam sensor, coolant temp sensor and cleaned the throttle body but still no joy, any help would be apprecitaed,
      kind regards

      • Nathan, I have the same problem my mechanic has said to do as you say. Having read your comments did you get your car sorted. Thanks

  67. Boot will open – car will lock and alarm will engage – can manuallly open door but alarm stays activated – no unusual movement in the button. Just started no impact to the fob. Any ideas ??

  68. i have a vw passat 19tdi-205 plate, it had a new alternator fiited 2 months ago, the other day a light came on saying alternator-workshop. I took it back to the garage, they checked it on there diognostic machine and put another new alternator on. I started it up this morn and the same light – alternator-workshop came on again , could it be something else apart from the alternator???

  69. I have a 2007 1.9 TDI VW Passat. We have had lots of issues with this car. one of the biggest, until now was our electronic parking break that failed both sides! Now sorted after lots of faffing. The biggest issue I have now is a total failure in my engine…I think. Or my mechanic thinks. Driving home the other Sunday and the car did a huge ‘kangaroo’ hop…loss of acceleration, no black smoke that I could see and a very gruff sounding engine. Got it home, and left it till the mechanic could look at it. Rang me yesterday to say the Turbo had gone but there was a ‘knocking’ noise coming from the engine when I turned the ignition to get the car to the garage. He thinks cylinder too but said he needs to strip the engine, virtually, to get at it…may be looking at a complete engine failure. Anyone think the same?

  70. have a 2004 passat radio and tape works but 6 stack cd player shows: no cd changer : when u press to put cd on seems no power going to it as cant eject cd that are in there can you help thank you

  71. I have a Passat 1.9 TDI diesel August 2002. It keeps jumping. Unfortunately if it is likely to be the injector – my local garage says that it is only cars in 2003 that had a problem batch of injectors so they won’t do anything.

    Any ideas what it might be? Gratefully Teacher.

  72. my passat 1.8t 1997 Automatic

    its giving me a headache, it has a problem with transmission box (water damage) – ECU, its now three months searching for the it but no avail.

    where can i get a new / second one or where i can repair it.

    part number is 8D0 927 156 BK

  73. hi, i need some help,
    i just bought a 2002 1.9tdi passat,
    after driving for a week suddently the esp/abs light has come on. it goes off when i switches off and starts again but after just driving 10 yards the light will come back on and stayes on till i switch off the car again. very annoying.
    what could be the reason ? abs sensor ? or esp switch?

    another problem the steering gives some dry movement sound when i turns/rotates, i sprayed wd 40 in steering joint but the friction noise still there.
    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  74. Hi, I have a vw passat 05 newer model and am having problems with the electrics.
    The fuel temp sensor light has been on for some time but I know the problem there was resolved just the light won’t go out. In the last while the handbrake keeps alarming on start up and the light continues to flash even when the handbrake is disengaged. further to this now the steering wheel alarm goes off intermittently. Auto scanner generates code P0183 which I know relates to the fuel tank sensor but doesn’t throw up any other codes. I haven’t driven the car only 5km since these problem arose. I would be very grateful if you could shed some light ??


  76. 06 plate , black passat , accelerator peddle sensor keeps coming on VW say they fixed it come back after 1 week , previously had accelerator , throttle pedal changed and necessary connectors on the wiring not sure what’s happening HELP!!!

  77. 2010 1.6tdi.on cold starts alot vibration through car,rev counter flickers between 800 and1000 RPM all settles down once warmed up.also have had engine management light come on flash then go off.can any body hep?

  78. Hi,
    I have a Passat 2006 19 TDI, and i drove it from my house to the shops (15miles), stopped the car, tried to lock it with the fob but nothing happens the red light comes on the key but it will not lock! So i got back in the car put the key in the ignition and there is not dash lights and the car will not turn over! The battery is fine! Any ideas???
    Thanks Steve

  79. Have a 57 plate 2.0tdi sport 4 motion which I have owned for 3 years and still has a few issues to resolve – there is a hissing from the top of the dash under acceleration (not braking) and is linked to the engine load – other threads have suggested an exhaust problem, or a pressure control valve – sounds expensive either way – is this a known fault & any chance it would be a warranty issue?

  80. my 2003 model VW passat has the engine oil light displaying and sounding alarm occasionally requiring a a stop of motor because of oil pressure

  81. I have a 2009 1.6tdi bluemotion that is loosing coolant somehwere, I can’t see any visible leaks so took it into the dealer. They had it for 3 hours and initially said they thought it was the EGR cooler? but after removal of it and testing they said it was ok. They need it in for a whole day to carry out more tests and I’m concerned about the obvious labour costs. Does any one have any suggestions, possible typical / known faults that might cause coolant loss? The loss is very slight, 1/4 bottle of G13 every 2 weeks.

    • Have you had the cooling system pressure tested as this will find leaks. I had this test done by local V W garage on my 20011 2.0 tdi Passat and it found that the water pump was leaking. I had to have new pump and cam belt as coolant had contaminated Cam belt. It’s a Long story but the Car Shop Paid up after trading standards got involved.

  82. Hello, I have a 1.9 TDI Estate 56 plate. Last weekend as I unlocked the locking by double clicking the fob, at the same time my partner tried to open the passenger front door. Since then this door will not respond to the keyfob. All of the other doors unlock but not this. I now have to reach across from the drivers seat to let a passenger in. Do you know how I can reset this problem please? The key fob I have a plastic thing that you slide into the ignition and you push it in and at the same time push the clutch in to start the engine. It doesn’t have a the metal key type blade. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue

  83. 2003 tdi se estate.
    airbag warning permanently on. Never operated.
    Rear door lock can only be operated manually. There is no sign of a power line that worked it originally. Where is or was it ? Help in solving would be appreciated.
    An earlier problem was lakes in near side footwells. I suspected leaking windscreen scuttle. VW agent said no and it was windscreen seal (£200) then they wanted £400 to remove carpets!! My original diagnosis was correct ! cost ?,a touch of builders sealant.

  84. Hi,
    I have a 52 Passat 2.0 ltr sport which has been a brilliant car over the years. The engine management light now comes on from start up and remains on. There doesn’t seem to be any other symptoms and the car is running fine with no starting or running problems. Any one got any ideas that I might be able to check before taking it to the garage? Any help would be welcome.

  85. I have a problem with opening the boot on my 2008 passat estate. All of the doors work fine on the keyfob but there is no noise of the locks working on the boot and it wont open.

    Can someone help me!!!!!

  86. hi passat man i recent bought a 56 plate 2.0 TDI passat estate and it was working fine for the first 3 weeks, then in the snow a few weeks ago i had on the the esp on in the snow and i skidded to avoid being struck by another driver, thier was no hit or knock jus a skid then as i drove on the glow plug light system started flashing with the parking brake fault light light up andthe esp wouldnt turn off and a message on the dash saying parking brake fault and then engine fault ? and i turn the car off and restart it and its ok then the last few weeks driving the glow plug light parking brake and esp is on again saying the same messages and loss of power til i get jnto 3rd gear i can boot it along the road no probs then as i swith engine off it stops all the lights for another say 50 – 100 miles, will this cost me a fortune to fix because i am ready jus to get rid of this car if it keeps up as it is jus for the model aeroplane club to transport r/c planes to tournaments and help the older members get out with thier planes to fly ?


  88. Hi. I have a 2009 140bhp diesel Passat. The other day I ran it down to 0 miles range and when I filled it again it started then cut out and read,Engine fault worksop. I kept doing this over and over and it started and ran fine.On my next fill it started doing it again and in fact has got worse.
    It’s at the garage now. They changed the fuel filter and it’s still doing it. The computer is reading immobiliser fault but the mechanic doesn’t think it’s that.
    Can anyone shed any light on what is wrong with my family work horse.

    • 3 things come to my mind:
      1.: U say that u changed fuel FILTER but try changing fuel PUMP (you should never run on reserve fuel, because there is a fuel PUMP in the bottom of your reservoir that need’s to be “bathing” in fuel all the time, no fuel=fuel pump dies…” so try replacing it.
      2.: if it’s not fuel pump u maybe “sucked” all fuel from ur reservoir and somehow u got air in “pipes that transport fuel form reservoir to engine” which is bad, and that needs fixing.
      and 3rd thing that’s unlikely that have happened but still not impossible, u ran out of OIL, and now ur engine is “clogged”, this is most expensive problem of 3 and most unlikely to have happened..
      anyway all the best.

  89. Automatic brake light has lit up stating a fault and suggesting referral to manual which cannot find! Cannot move car as brake on.
    How can I release the brake to enable a mechanic to check car over?

  90. hi 02 plate passat driving at 30mph engine dies and will not start up or when does cuts out again oil water and cambelt ok car very reliable otherwise

    • I have a 07 Passat 2.0 and the same thing happen to me. I was driving car cut off, now it wouldn’t start I. had to get it towed home. My is in very good condition. I keep it maintenance.

  91. bought a 2.0 TDI auto about 2 years ago, 42,000 on the clock with 2 years service. on first service I was told VW are recalling the diesel fuel injection and had it changed. few months after that, I started noticing that after driving about 40 minutes and stopping for about 5 minutes to buy stuff, the car will fail to start immediately. it will turn over but will not start. if left for another 3 – 5 minutes it will then start at the touch. my garage said its down to a misaligned sensor in the engine and it will cost about £700 to fix. I don’t understand this and don’t know what to do. should I fix it or get rid of it.

  92. This is a problem not a reply but I can’t find where to post a problem on this site!
    I have a 2006 Passat Estate SEL FSI T, petrol. The EPC and the exhaust system fault warning lights came on at the same time with no obvious fault at the time or in the week I was driving short distances before getting to a garage. After running it through the VW diagnostic test, they said that the fault can not be diagnosed due to ?the software no longer being compatible and I will need to have a replacement EPC unit at a cost of nearly £1,000 incl fitting!!
    Can anyone help and save me from this huge bill?
    Many thanks.

  93. I have a 2000 passat 1.8t manual that cuts off while driving
    And once the battery is unplugged for a few seconds and put back
    It starts and drive infill it feels like doing it again
    Any help will be appreciated
    Thank you

  94. The red open door light is staying on, on the dash when the door is shut, also the central looking stoped working at the same time. what would be the saloution?

  95. Hi
    I recently purchased a 05 plate passat 1.9 tdi se. When i went to drive the car away from the dealer the car fired up but cut off immediately. I tried restarting it twice to no success so i went and got the salesman who came out and started the car 1st time!!! He advised me it was just a low battery and would be ok after a good run. The next morning when i left for work the car started fine, but when i left work the same problem happened this time with engine fault workshop coming up on the display. I’ve got the car booked back into the dealers but wouldn’t mind a bit of a heads up as to what the problem is because i know what these places are like!! Has anyone came across anything like this before and if so how was it resolved? Any help/advice is much appreciated

  96. Hi l have an 02 Passat petrol 2litre and one of the passenger doors is permanently locked, l can’t open it both manually or with the remote. Also when l lock the car with the remote, sometimes one of the indicator lights stays on. I need some help to solve these problems.

  97. when i put my foot down the car goes in link mode it dosnt change gear stays in 2nd then the parking break fault light came on then i turned the car off and on and reset it self does any one no wot this can be

  98. Have 2004 vw passat leak comin in top left side.. pfront passenger side…noticed water comin down fabric to left of windscreen but think it may be comin from top of car rather than windscreen as seems to higher than top left of windscreen. Any tips wd b useful thanks.

  99. i have a passat 19 tdi 53plat wont start turns over no probs weve replaced both fuel pumps fuel filters crank shaft sensor try to get computer onto the car but the computer will not accept each other fuel lines are clear could anybody help thank you

  100. i have a 2005 passat diesel 130 highline problem im having is that when driving it starts vibrating at about 50 and sounds like running on 3 cylinders this only started happening yesterday but it can clear after a while and run perfectly well until i turn engine off again and restart it , not sure where to start looking

  101. Hello.
    VW Passat B6 2.0 TDi Sport 55 plate with 123K.
    What would be the average maintenance cost for the last 3 years? Bought it with 98K 5 years ago.
    £10,324.65 is what it has cost me, I must be mad. VW should be ashamed, my B5 I should of kept. darn it!!

  102. I have fitted a new o/s rear outer LED light assembly to my 2009 B6, it all works fine when the ignition is switched on, but shows a fault on the dash and the indicator stops working when the engine is started. Help please.

  103. Most ov the warning lights are flashing yellow yhen red and the needles on spedo and rev oil amd fiel gauge are bouncing up and down.this is on my 2.0tdi 140…….09 reg

    • I had same problem but on old car 1990. Was like that for maybe a year, noone knew how to fix it, and then car just stopped and wouldnt start since. After 3 serviceshops 1 man changed “spark pitcher” and it was like new… (it’s probably not called like that in english, but i dont know its name, i can just say its NOT spark plug, but it’s similar, 1 side is wires, other side goes into engine ) If u still have that same problem tell me and ill get more information for you..

  104. Hello, my fuel gauge is not working properly. I have a quarter of a tank left and it says about 80-90 miles left but twice i have ran out of diesel. Just wondering is it possible to reset this so that the gauge will read properly.

  105. Passat rough starting!
    I have a 2007 2.0 l d passat dsg with 70,000 miles.
    When start car when warm it gives like a loud shake and rattle but then starts and runs fine. I’m nearly afraid to start it as it feels like engine is going to fall out.
    It’s just been serviced and had timing belt, water pump etc fitted and its been in for recall for injectors as well.
    Car runs perfect and gearbox changes are smooth with no rattles or crunching.
    Starts fine when cold but this only happens when it’s been running for 30 mins or so then stopped and restarted.
    Any ideas.

    • Have u tryed cleaning your nozzles? they can get clogged so at first it gets rough but when some fuel does go through them they unclogg..

    • Does a steering wheel vibrates too? if it does u just need to fix ur wheels, i dont know how its called in english, but roughly translated from my language u need to balance them (they put some weights 5g-30g on your wheels..)

  106. I have a 2007 car and it is fine until I leave it for 3 or more days
    then it will not start it needs to be Jump started then it is fine again
    I fitted a new battery last year with no difference at all I went on holiday for a week when I returned it would not go
    I had it to a showroom in January as part of the MOT they found nothing

    • Something is probably wrong with your electrical instalation, (some wires are touching metal somewhere). That can take power from your battery slowely, so if you drive a car every day if fills up battery with power, but when you leave it more then some period of time (in your case 2 days 🙂 ) it cant start the car because there’s not enough power left in battery, so you need to jumpstart it and then u fill it again and cycle repeats… I think that any good service can take care of that. (My father had a same problem but he was forgetting left turn light when he parked at home repeatedly.. 🙂 ) Point is that something is slowly wating your battery’s power, you just need to discover what that is.. Faulty wireing, radio, lights, satnav….

  107. When I switch the engine OFF and take the key out of the ignition of my Passatt 2009 1400 TSI I get three beeps and warning lights appear on my dash board. The car is running well and when the engine is switched back on, these lights disappear. Has anyone any idea of the problem please. Thank you

    • Hi Oye, all you do is hold your right hand dash button in, switch on the ignition and the service light appears.Release the button and turn the left hand button to the right.

  108. Hi everyone. I took a vw passat 1.9 tdi 110 s out for a test drive very recently.The car has done 70 k and looks immaculate.The car is bein sold for 4995,does this sound too cheap? The problem being is when I took it out I put my foot down to see what it could do and before it got to 50mph going up a hill ,the glow plug light started flashing.I did not notice any messages up as I was too focused on getting it back without getting stranded. As soon as the light came up it lost its power(assuming it had gone into safe mode). Once I got it back to the garage,the salesman/mechanic plugged in the computer and it read a seat belt error.This was erased from the computer somehow and the glow plug light went out.He thinks its to do with a brake light or brake light switch.I did not think at the time to check the brake lights to see if they were working.However,he said it will be fixed.But I have read over the net that this could be a simple prob or it could be an extensive problem.I do have a short warranty available upto 2thousand pounds after I get the car.I left a refundable deposit to keep the car from being sold as it is in stunning condition.I am just worried that he will take advantage of my small knowledge and hide the problem until I have it in my hands to eventually be lumbered with a large bill from Vw or somewhere!I forgot to mention it has had an Mot-no advisories and up to date FSH.The other handy thing is him and my boss..plus the mechanic which did the MOT (next door to the salesman) Know each other!And the salesman knows this…so he cant hide that easily if he is trying to sell this car cheap through a known fault. Any advice would be much appreciated.Sorry for thw long post!One more thing.The cambelt has not been changed.He quoted 220pounds.Is this realistic?I do not trust salemen!lol!Cheers Craig

  109. hi, i’ve got a 2001 passat 1.9tdi my problem: temp gauge does not go over 25% cab does not get any warm air, and sometimes the stop warning light goes on even though there’s enough water! could someone give me an idea what the problem could be? and estimate of cost! Thx Bert

  110. Hi,have a strange problem with a 2001 TDI PASSAT. I’m getting diesel fuel in the cooling system. Have by-passed the heat exchanger on top of the fuel filter but the problem is still there.I can’t for the life of me think how else fuel can get into the cooling system. Amy idea’s would be welcome.

  111. I have a vw passat 1999 1.8t engine, Engine starts then when changing gears engine shut off RPM decline totally zero and i wont start again. sometime when i opened the back passenger door it runs much better. what may be the cause of it? please i need your help.

  112. I have a 2007 passat 1.9 tdi…when changing up through the gears the car starts to jolt. Egr valve came up on diagnostics so had it cleaned through but still have same problem…any ideas anyone

  113. Hello,
    This is my first time owning a Volkswagen. I have a 2002 Volkswagen Passet. My “passenger door open” light flashes on my dash, the board and interior back lights will not go out either. The car locks okay, but the lights will not go out and when I start the car up again, the “passenger door open” light flashes on my dash. What can I do about that and will it be pricey. For the last 20 years I have owned a very dependable and reliable used Honda. I have had a few issues since owning this used Volkswagen and it is making me regret that I ever made the purchase. 🙁

  114. I have a 2012 140bhp Passat estate this morning I tried to start it which it did but it does not display the dash lights and refuses to release the auto parking brake. Any clues

  115. hello,
    i have a passat ’07, the satelite\music system stopped working, iv pressed resett a couple of times, its still come playing cds and the satnav doesnt work, please any idea, how much will it cost to replace? cheers

  116. Hello,
    Passat 2001 2.0. When i start thecar all “turn lights” (or parking lights (those that flash orange)) started flashing for no reason whatsoever.. they flash in different intervals of time… “FLASH – pause 5 secs – FLASH – pause 1 min – FLASH – pause 20 secs..” and so on… btw. its not when i hit some roadbump or sumething like that, im pretty sure its some hardware problem. In all services they say we dont know what it is, but we suspect a few thing, lets start changing thing by thing and we’ll see what it is… Can someone help me with this, anyone had a similar problem ?

  117. Hi.
    I have just purchased a 1.6 tdi bluemotion 10 plate passat for private hire use.
    I cant seem to find the power steering fluid reservoir. I hope its a reliable car for a taxi usage

  118. Well u have 07 2.0 tdi Passat 140 bhp I have a number of problems such as if I go over 3009 rev it looses power and engine fault comes on also it can drive fine then al of a sudden loose power again.. And I can’t kept water in the coolent thank??help please

  119. the door open warning lights keep flashing, and it changes from door to door???
    Can anyone help?

  120. I have a 2006 Passat Estate which has developed an intermittent problem. After about 10 mins of the engine running after starting it will just switch off totally. No lights no nothing. It will restart and then run with no problem.

    I alos have an another intermittent problem starting the car, where i’ll put the key in and no lights come on and makes a clicking noise only after reinserting the key several times and slowly will the car start.

    Both these faults are very intermittent and random on average once every 2 weeks.

  121. I have a 2002 Passat 1.8t not sure what problem is but after 40 min driving the dash lights that show mpg fade to the point can’t see. When car cools down you can see them fine. Is this a ground issue

  122. The warning light covering exhaust emissions has come on with a steady glow. The garage says that the sensor in the inlet manifold has to be replaced at a cost of £930. Is this reasonable?

  123. Helo. I have my engine start stop cover broken. I need only the plastic cover with this title not the all component.

  124. I have vw passa 55 Plate. The parking brake light keeps flashing and Peeping none stop. Any one know how i can turn it off

  125. Hi i have a Passat 1.9tdi, im having some problems with engine and noise
    the car idles fine then after about 5 min it will start to run ruff when i turn the wheels to left or right you get a nasty noise sounds like something is touching the radiator fan but nothing is. any ideas ?


  126. I have a 07 Passat Volkswagen 2.0T. I was at a stop light today and I could feel my car jerking really bad then suddenly I hear a weird noise coming from the hood. Then next thing you know, my car shuts off and wouldn’t come back on. After asking someone to give me a jump, my car started back up. I’ve drove it for 3 hours and it hasn’t cut off again. I went to get my alternator and battery checked out and everyone said they were good. So, I’m not even sure where to start. Has anyone had this problem? If so, did you find any solutions.

  127. Hi, I have a 55 plate 2.0 TDI Passat Estate. Getting problems with starting the car on many occasions. I put the key into the slot and the dashboard lights sometimes come on, then I’ll push key in further and the lights will go off, instead of saying “depress clutch”. This has been a major problem for a while now and could take 20 minutes sometimes to get it started. anyone know how to get it sorted? Thanks

    • Darren, in my experience this can be overcome by waiting for the glow plug repeater light to go out ….. then depress the clutch and press the the key fob fully in the ignition. Hopefully this will be of assistance. Regards.

  128. Hi I have a passat 2001 im loosing power on the motor way only I have changed the maf sensor and no difference any suggestions???????

  129. Hi all i have a VW Passat B6 model ( the one with the round LED rear lights on the boot) it is a 55 plate. Recently the rear boot has become heavy to lift and when i close try to close the boot, it falls and slams hard on to the lock rather than the smooth light opening and closing movement that was, also the boot does not want to lift up from the remote ……any help on this would be appreciated greatly.

    • There are usually gas lifters in the boot that assist opening and closing – the same as on esatets – its possible one or both have failed.

  130. I have a 2009 Passat that is failing to load any CD. A warning message advising of a failure.
    I can’t get rid of the warning or play any CD’s. The CD has hardly been used since new. Any help out there?

  131. I’ve had this problem a few times now. whilst driving on the motorway, all of a sudden all the dashboard lights will start flashing and speedometer will de-accelerate to zero and back up to the speed i’m going on. all of this last for 2 to 3 seconds. would anyone know how this is caused and solutions to resolve this?

  132. Hi,
    We purchased a passat estate 2011, 2.0 bluemotion, 3 weeks ago. We are currently on holiday in South France and the air con has packed up. In cool weather the air con works for about 5 mins, and then cuts out. In warm weather no air con. We have been to a garage and replaced the gas, but the same problems. The Passat has done 65000 miles.
    Any ideas?

  133. I have a 2002 VW Passat Estate 130tdi auto/tiptronic. It has 119k on it. I believe the gear changer I manually control itself has a fault. When running the gear box itself is fine and smooth however, without warning when I select reverse all the “which gear” lights come on and the car seems to jump into reverse gear and if I proceed there is no tip’ control at all and the gear change is sluggish. I switch it off or leave it and problem seems to go away. It definitely is not the actually automatic gears themselves, I have had two gearboxes go, one with a little warning there was a problem and this current problem is nothing like that. I would be grateful if someone could confirm and give me some idea of the proper tech terms so I can get it fixed. Thanks in advance Jon

  134. My 02 passat diesel TDI had a flat battery, and after getting the engine restarted the central locking only works on the drivers door, but i can manually unlock the other doors using the the switch on the drivers armrest, but i can lock these doors with the remote key, so what do i need to do to get the remote key to unlock all the doors, and the interior light works ok so not a fuse problem

  135. I have a Passat B5.5 (52 plate) that has a problem with the radio.
    When I turn it on and turn the volume up, it turns up then slowly by itself goes to almost nothing – I have tried this with two ‘Gamma’ radios and both give the same. I then tried an after market Kenwood head unit that would not give any output volume whatsoever. ALL three radios work perfectly in my other B5 (V reg) Passat – both are estate versions. I’m stumped – just wondered if anyone had this before and had a possible solution before I go tearing wires out!

  136. Hi,
    I have 1997 Passat 1,9 TDI 110 HP, and I have a problem wile driving over 3000 rpm my turbo goes off, than I turn off the engine and start it again and it works properly until the next reaching of 3000 rpm when the turbo goes off again. I cleaned the turbo and all hoses but the problem steel exist.
    But what I have noticed is the next, in my pressure hose where the MAP sensor is attached I’ve noticed a little bit of oil and the MAP sensor was covered with oil when I pulled it out. Than I cleaned the MAP sensor and the problem was gone, I could have go over 4000 rpm, but after a while it started all over again.
    So, my question is, is it normal to have a little bit of oil in the pressure hose (than the problem will be in the MAP sensor), or I should by a new car 🙂
    Best regards to all, I hope someone will help me.

  137. Hi I have a vw passat 2lt petrol 20valve 53 plate. When I push the clutch in to free wheel the engine cuts out for some reason and when iv drove for 10 miles or so it tends to chudder and loss of power. No faults pop up the computer in the garage so im a bit confused im thinking it could just be a hole in one of the pipes?

  138. Hi I have an Vw passat 1.9tdi the turbo was replaced and car is still loosing power but yet can hear turbo working!! Wat would b the problem

  139. I have a 57 plate PASSAT 2.0 Diesel. When I leave it locked and unattended I sometimes find on my return that all four windows are either fully down or halfway down. The vehicle is still locked and nthing is missing from the car. Could it be that somebody else’s key fob is interfering with the security of my vehicle? I discussed this with a fellow VW driver (Golf) and he experiences the same problem. Is this a recognised fault please? Thanks in anticipation.

    • i seem to remember reading about a function on the keyfob where you hold down the button rather than just quickly press it and it does this. Maybe your holding down the button too long, u can always check in the car manual under the keyfob bit or ask local dealer about this.

  140. I had the a/c belt replaced & since then the a/c and heater havent shown any signs of life. ALL THE DISPLAYS IS ON AND THE CONTROLS SHOW THERE WORKIN.
    Had the gas checked and showed gas level OK. Checked the thermostat was working as it should an all fine.
    All help advice most wanted thanks…

  141. Hey guys,

    I have a 02 1.8t Passat. First start of the day always fails, it just cranks. Then i just turn off the power and start again and the engine fires right up. When the car is warm it starts everytime on the first try. I’m replacing the fuel filter this weekend + a small service. If you guys have any ideas pls reply.


  142. hi
    i have this starting problem when is put the key it wont start the glow plug flags up and the steering light and when i repeat putting key in and out it disappears and start i guess its need the computer reset any body knows how to do it

    • wheel balancing is likely problem with shakes(usually cost a few pounds per wheel at any tyre shop) + check tracking and air pressure on tyres to be sure.

  143. Hi, I have a 2001 passat that feels like the tranny is locking up on it for a split second while driving I have replaced the were replaced due to being broken. Do youhave any idea what could cause this? Thanks

  144. I have a 2005/6 Passatt 140 Sport DSG diesel which I am so pleased with.
    I have recently had problems when accelerating whether from cold or when the temp is normal in that the diesel heating coil light comes on when I kick down to overtake or move off quicker. This happens in the ‘Manual’ mode Sport Drive or just in Drive. It has been displaying an exclamation mark when trying to use Cruise Control. The only way I have found to rectify the problem is to pull over switch off ignition and then start again, but if I try to accelerate hard it does it again. Very dangerous if you want to overtake and it cuts in alongside another vehicle and loses power. I have been referred to VW Southampton UK 2 years ago to have the injectors changed through a ‘Recall’ from VW, so can’t understand why now we have problems.

  145. Hi
    I have a 53 plate auto Passat. Engine light is on and comes up as lambda sensor and loss of pressure in the turbo pipe. Been checked out and garage can’t find a problem with these – runs and pulls really well. Main problem is the gearbox and sometimes all the gears light up at once and it sticks in 2nd gear and sometimes won’t change gear when you set off and sticks in 1st. If I turn it off and on again it usually sorts itself out. Do you think it needs a new gearbox or any other ideas? Thanks!!

  146. 1999 B5 TDI estate
    After getting work done for the MOT the ABS comes on, or at least I get feedback judder on the pedal at low speeds from time to time. Local garage did a diagnostics and found nothing, one man inspected the sensor ring on the drive shaft and they were ok too. Any idea please? Thanks. M

  147. Also! when really flooring it and over taking, I have had a power dip, and today complete power loss, but tick over was ok, I had to switch off the engine completely and back on again for normal operation…..’engine workshop’ light came on. Any ideas? thanks again!

  148. Hello,

    I have vw passat 1.9 tdi 57 plate, from last couple of days one of the button on the remote is not working and that is open button the rest two buttons are working so that’s not the batteries, now every time when I lock the car I have to take out the plastic key from the main key and open the driver door.
    Any suggestions please????

  149. Hi. I have a 2009 Passat 2.0. I left my lights on at the airport while on a 4 day trip. When I returned the battery was dead. I called roadside service and the tech jump started the car, now my display screen shoes ACC Starting and it also has a display of an hourglass and a gauge. The menu buttons are no longer working and the fuel gauge will only show 1/2 full even after filling up. I took it to the dealer and a 27 year tech stated he’s never seen this on a VW before. Please help.

  150. Hi I have vw Passat 55 plate 1,9l problem with this car is when start engine it make noisy and car shaking but after that is everything ok but this thing happen sometimes not all the time is problem with diesel or I don’t know exactly . Please help.

  151. I’ve just purchased a 56 plate passat. When I turn the windscreen demister on it doesn’t clear. The fan is working but the air appears to be coming out in the glove box and under the steering wheel. Any ideas?

  152. I have a 57 VW passat 1.9TDi. I want to replace the front dash cigarette lighter fuse but can’t work out which number it is! ( the handbook doesn’t help me identify which fuse it is)

    • i had this happen the other day on 55 passat and also noticed it is not the one listed in the book, i just popped fuses into the empties one by one!(while having key out of ignition when replacing) until i found it.

  153. i have a issue with the blue panel lights that illuminate the radio, window switch, instrument panel. its a 2001 passat with the interior blue lights. any suggestions?

    • with 2004 passat, im having issues with these components not working,

      an i’ve just realised that my driver and passenger footwell is wet….

      I think this is a common issue thats causing it not to work

  154. 2002 2.0 petrol Passat today when idling suddenly made popping sound then eventually stake whilst idling. Runs OK when going but when ever idling just goes to about 750rpm and stalls, can anyone help please

  155. hi i change my pasat timing belt 2009 disel ,2.0 finish and is not start , what can i do who can explaying to me , but is doing like he want to start but is not ?

  156. I have a friend with a V W Passat Saloon TDI, year 2003.
    Sometimes it will not start due to the lack of power in the battery. Battery has been changed and the alternator checked and is o k. When driving or stationery the clock intermittently can go to zero. I wondered if this an indication of what may be wrong with the vehicle’s electrics that the battery is running down causing the vehicle not to start?
    Has some one out there experienced a similar problem?

  157. I just bought VW Passat Estate SE Tdi 2008 Diesel on Oct, 13th 2014.


    – One previous owner from new
    – 77356 m
    – Service History
    First at VW on 09/03/10 at 22293
    Second at Mr JVW on 30/11/11 42738
    Third at Mr JVW on 03/07/2013 62063
    – According to seller cambelt, water pump and fuel filter were changed on 14/7/13 but no receipts

    Following are the accounts since I bought the car:

    13/10/14 Test drive the car in urban and on motorway, there wasn’t any sign of smoke in rear view. Fueled the car up from Esso to full tank and drove it from WIgan to London mostly 60 mph. It was very heavy rain so can’t tell if there was any smoke in rare view.

    14/10/14 Drove the car around in the town and didn’t notice any smoke.

    15/10/14 Didn’t drive the car.

    16/10/14 After starting the car and walking around I seen some puff of white smoke spewed out from the exhaust for a few seconds and stopped. While driving to work (3.6 m) I seen smoke but not excessive and thought must be condensation burning off. On driving back from work while changing gear from 3rd to 4th seen smoke in rear view. After parking the car on driveway gave a good rev and a cloud of black smoke came out.

    17/10/14 Didn’t see any white smoke after starting the car in morning for work. On the way back from work noticed smoke in rear view while changing gear or pushing the accelerator down. Drove the car in night for 8.8 m back and forth seen smoke in rear view but not excessive.

    18/10/14 Drove to work and back home. Seen some smoke as mentioned above.

    19/10/14 Drove to work and back. Seen more smoke than usual while changing gear 3 to 4, after parking the car rev the engine but no smoke came out.

    I asked the seller if there were any problem with injectors and he said not at all. I can’t understand why it’s like this as there is no management light on, car run smooth and it’s only low mileage. I also checked coolant there is no sign of oil in there but it’s not clear maybe need changing.

    Please advice if I can do anything differently.

    • i’m no expert mechanic but it sounds to me like a gasket may have gone, possibly oil getting into fuel. Check the color of the engine oil via oil fil cap and look inside or look at dip stick oil color, worth checking levels too, make sure it’s black and not yellow/creamy this would indicate water in their, check for oil leaking onto ground underneath. Hope someone can give u some more advice hope u fix it.

  158. Hi, I recently changed the worn breather tubes on my passat and now suddenly I have a problem with the car loosing power and cutting the engine off at short turns.What could be the Iissue.

  159. windscreen washer stop working on m y2006 passat. Now wipers will work occassionally.
    Have checked fuse and it is find.
    ??? wiper arm faulty.
    How do you replace it or check connections.


    Hi, I have (had) a 2009 VW Passat Estate Highline manual 2.0 diesel with 59000 miles on it. Full service history. Bought it 3 months ago for £8750.

    When going along an A road the engine suddenly started making an expensive noise. Car was stopped immediately on the verge. The AA came and had a look – and found that the auxiliary alternator belt had shredded.

    He said “we never touch these .. they often cause problems” – so the car was towed to the local VW garage. Sure enough the engineers report came back that the auxiliary belt debris had penetrated to the bottom end of the cam belt and had caused it to slip around the toothed drive.

    The crank therefore became misaligned with the camshaft and the engine destroyed itself by valves hitting pistons at top dead centre .. all in about 5 seconds from running normally. Thank heavens I was not on a motorway in the rain at night next to heavy lorries… Cost to repair? Over £6000 quoted .. Cute.

    Moral of the story is change the auxiliary (outside) belt at least every year as well as the cambelt at normal service intervals. Nobody tells you this in the VW blurb. Either that or don’t touch Passats.

  161. I have EPB issue where it will try to engage while i am driving! i hear it going on the car starts to slow down almost to a halt and feels like loosing power but it’s the brakes coming on then they release, it’s as if the car senses i am moving or is unable to lock brakes to it releases it(thank goodness), the first time this happened i got a ESP OFF light next to the gear stick and fault like which is orange car with wavy lines underneath, also have passenger side airbag fault light on which came on the month prior to this brake fault. I’ve taken to the garage and they have cleared fault lights and could not find out what was wrong with it after driving it round and inspecting it although they said the ABP(?) they explained it as anti lock breaks where not working and may need a new ABP module as a first step to figuring out whats up along side a new EPB switch, so im now onto the forums for help trying to find the cause of the problem, hoping someone recognizes this issue of EPB engaging while driving as i feel unsafe driving it right now, always wondering will those brakes lock up sometime?

    • update: now i’m getting an intermitent issue where the engine is limiting revs to 2000rpm with ! and picture of clock stuck at 2000rpm warning light. Sometimes it won;t rev over 2000, other times it will, this came on the other day but turnsed engine on and off and it went away but it’s back and staying on… desperately trying to figure out what it could be…

      • why can’t VW just have a computer that tells you whats wrong, i prefer the good old days when you could fix yourself, all i have is a guessing game of codes which may or may not be correct with several options for repair all as bad a gamble as the next! none of which guarantee a fix. WHICH magazine needs to add the VW ABS module to their case against VW for the EPB recall, add the EPB switch to that too.

  162. Hello all,

    This is my first post.

    I own a 2008 Passat 1.9tdi.u

    Since I bought it 4 years ago I have had the following problem.

    When I ask the engine to do more than plod ie move fast in low gears on an A road it’ll loose power and begin to slow down. If I restart the car normal power resumes.

    If I ask it to do 90mph for a prolonged period on a motorway the same problem it’ll loose power and drop down to 60mph until I restart …

    Is this limp mode? Why is this happening.

    Thanks in advance … ps no mechanic has been able to solve this problem for me.

  163. My radio in my 2004 Passat highline model has stopped working but the backlight for the controls is still illuminated even after switching off the engine and removing the key.Am concerned that this may drain battery unitil I get someone to look at this.Does anyone know a remedy or how I can disable back light on stereo please.Thanks Ian

  164. I just got a 2001VW Passat. it will start, but will die if I try to drive it over a mile. I let it set for a few minutes. it will restart, but does the same thing. some one said it has a problem with fuel senser. Help

  165. Had heater core replaced, car started fine. Then mechanic plugged up and put dash
    back in car, turn the key…nothing. just clicking noise at shifter.


  166. i have a 06 passatt bought in 2012,up till oct,13 ran ok.Then on motorway in heavy rain all the warning lights come on then cuts out.If you leave it for a hour or so it will restart.If you leave a bit longer all the warning lights go out & runs OK.
    It does this if you run into a deepish puddle.AA said crankshaft sensor,Had new one still does it,

  167. Have a 2007 vw Passet. Water is going down into the wipers and then thru the heater. Hose has water in it. But cannot get to it. Solid on the floor. How can you fix the problem.

  168. Hi there my husband has a 59 plate Passat and the head unit has stopped working, it comes on when u put the key in with the welcome sign then it just goes off then the welcome sign comes back ect any ideas what it could be ? It does the stereo,sat nav and the reverse camera.

  169. Hi!
    I have a problem with adblue system in my Passat B6, tank is full, massege says – it won’t be able to start the car after 1000 km, also the engine indikator is on. Official vw servis said, that the adblue flow was lower than required and that it maight be the because cold weather. Whta should i do?

    Sorry for grammar!

  170. Cant get my passenger door to open on my Passat Estate. Central locking stopped working a few years ago, so have to use key manually to get into the car. Any advice to get the passenger door to open again..

    • Probably the door lock mechanism that is jammed and needs replacing. First, try banging the area near the lock a few times and see if it will open then. This sometimes bumps them back to life temporarily.

      If that doesn’t work you have a tough job of removing the inner panel and getting to the lock from the inside. Not easy but it can be done.

  171. hi,
    I have a Passat 2003 2.0 with 36.000 miles snd suddently now when i change gears from 1st to 2nd and so on the car accelerates itself and my foot is out of the accelerator. Doesnt happen all the time but well annoying and scared that may be something serious. Any ideas?? Really appreciate that

  172. Hi
    I own a 55 reg passat 1.9 tdi.
    A few weeks ago when I started the engine a knocking noise appeared.
    After a few mins it disappeared. Now it happens all the time the time coming and going. There is a loss of power while driving. And when I accelerate it becomes louder. I took it to a mechanic, he undid a big pipe on left towards top of engine and that noise was very loud. He suggested egr valve.
    But get second opinion.
    Regards zebs

  173. Passat cc 2010 tdi,no reversing lights,just happened so not had chance to look,switch on gear select/box,wire loom fault,is it common fault,any suggestions much appreciated.

  174. My 05 tdi passat has a flat or very low battery every morning and in this cold weather struggles to start, Ive checked the battery which is in good condition and the alternator is fine what can be draining the battery every night.

  175. Hi there

    I have Paaast 2001 petrol and I left it wideout battery for 1 month.
    After I put my battery back the LCD on dash board start lighting red only and doesn’t showing me any information.
    Can anybody help me ???

  176. Hi

    could do with a bit of help

    recently purchased a 2008 1.9 tdi Passat estate and have started to have a couple of issues

    firstly after being stood overnight it takes a while to start, even with the cold mornings the glow plug light goes off almost immediately

    secondly on occasion whilst accelerating it looses power, this happens for a short time before power resumes

    the fuel pump in the tank was replaced for new after I purchased the car

    does anyone have any ideas what may be causing these issues…initially thought I may need new glow plugs with the starting issue but not so sure now with the power loss issue

  177. Hi my 2002 passat the drivers door barrel is spinning. I dont have a fob for central locking i have gained entry to the car but now my drivers door wont open from the inside or the outside all other doors work fine but the lock wont release on the drivers door. Im now climbing over the passenger seat to get into the drivers any help would be great.

  178. I have a vw pass at 2000 model, v6 engine. I just noticed that red indicator lights is showing on all gears. Not indicating the particular gear that the car is. Kindly help with resolution of problem.

  179. hi guys problem with my 02 passat 1.9tdi 130bhp model.

    i was driving the other day going to work and just stopped dead on the road
    im after changing the fuel pump injector pump and cam shalf sensior and injectors
    checked the timing aswell
    im also after changing my ecu and re programming it but still not starting or running
    has any had this problem before

  180. HELP…
    Ok… 2000 golf passat has been cutting out usually upon slowing down at lights and turning…just before it cuts out start to loose power then oil warning light, some warning alarm and battery light all come on at same time….takes roughly 10 to 15 mins before it start’s kinda sounds like its flooded but not touching accelerator, only to cut out few meters down road =/….also seems to kick/jolt/loose power whilst driving at a steady speed….had auto elect mate check all that side of things, all’s ok there…..could it be fuel line/pump?? also when accelerating sometimes there is no power at all……soz about epic message =)

  181. Hi. I bought a 05 (b5) passat estate about 3 weeks ago at 174000 miles. The car use to start very easy, no knocks or power loss from the engine. First issue appearing on dash was the engine advisory regarding the emission gasses, which use to come on and off from time to time. Second, and the biggest, the car just stopswhile driven ( happens 4 times in 3 weeks) . Last time happened after a harsh acceleration and a quite harsh cornering. Any suggestions for both issues? Are this major? P.s: the engjne does not smoke( only once the smoke was whiter than usual, but came back to normal after engine reached the right temperature. The timing belt was changed 20000 ago. Your help would be much appreciated. Regards, DT.

  182. my rear reg plate lights have stopped working. the terminals look clean and rust free, but one glows very dim the other, nothing at all. when i turn the head lights on the dim rear reg light goes out, replaced bulbs no difference.

  183. hi, my vw passat 2 tdi 06 reg got alarm problem. alarm is going on for no reason, there are no lights only alarm. ive opened and closed the vehicle started the engine still cant shut it off. has any one got any idea please.

  184. Hi

    Stereo problem in a 03 1.9 TDI Passat.
    “PHONE” is on constant display on the screen and will not go back to normal operation mode. Display, light is working but thats all. It is really strange. Can you help please



  185. 2009 Passat 2.0 TDi saloon – central locking has become very problematic. Can’t open/ lock any of the doors with original or spare key fob. Any suggestions folks?

  186. Hi I have a 58 VW Passat automatic TDI highline, it is smoking bad from the exhaust and when I turn off the engine it takes a good five minutes to before the fan belt stops and cooling down.

  187. 06 passat. ..whenever I’m entering highway and as soon as i reach 70mph, engine light comes on…….if im thinking about it and ease into it, its cool. Was told i need ecm

  188. hi , i have a 1999 passat TD, and the turbo exhaust hose( metal, s shaped, tube with mesh around it) has a small hole, i have a replacement hose off an audi same year. what im not sure of is, does it have gaskets at each end of hose. thx

  189. Hi. I have the 1.9 trendline 05 automatic TDI. Driving home last night my dashboard lit up and reset. It happened again this morning but only happens when the headlights are on. Any ideas?

  190. Hi i have a vw passat 1.9tdi 2001, the gears feel sticky when i travel about 15 miles, they change into gear nicely the rest of the time, they still go into gear just feel sticky? Does anyone know what it could be or how to fix it?

  191. Hi, I have an 09 2.0 TDI R line Passat. Recently the hot air blower stopped coming on intermittently, when on will run at all speeds. I changed the blower motor but am having the same problem & once before replacement then once after when I turned the blower on I immediately got faults for brake pads,steering wheel, ESP & the fuel fill flap released. Once blower runs & car is restarted faults clear. Any ideas as to what’s causing this? Cheers!

  192. my 1997 tdi passat dash lights wont come on anymore or the heater knob lights but on warning lights are working on the dash just no back ground lights , anyone have a solution?

  193. Hi I have a 2003 Passat estate and I am unable to unlock the three passanger doors and boot lock with the remote control fob.I can lock the doors as normal with the remote fob,but have to unlock the passanger doors with the door unlock switch inside the drivers door.Any ideas!

  194. Hi i have a problem with my 2007 passat 2.0 tdi the driver air vent is broken all i can remove is the top part. Can anyone tell me how to remove the intire unit out, or a video will be very helpful thx

  195. similar to Graeme June 2012, 3 doors not opening in wet and cold weather, after starting car for several min the doors will open alright but when it is raining or snowing is not good

  196. 52 reg passat estate is whining above the engine noise. Diagnosis probably gearbox. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it worth fixing at this age? And is it dangerous to drive?! Has been whining for around 6 months, has recently got louder… Thanks

  197. HI, got a 56 plate passat. Trouble is the M.P.G meter on the dash keeps dropping it’s gradually gone from 45.7mpg down to 41.2 mpg. Does anybody know why this is and besides getting less mpg should I be worried? Here’s hoping someone can shed some light. Thanks.

  198. Have a 03 with 1.8T. Engine seems to be running rich and is “hunting” at low idle. RPM’s drop and raise at idle and up to 2,000 rpms. When engine is revved higher, the missing stops. error codes show misfires on each cylinder. have cleaned flue injectors and new mass air sensor. any ideas what it could be.

  199. Hi I’ve recently bought a 2096 passat diesel when I’m driving along and then I accelerate as soon as I hit 3000 revs plus she starts jerking at first I thought it was air filter so replaced it thought it’s crap in the fuel so put fuel cleaner in it but it still happens does anyone have the answer please

  200. i have a 2003 vw passat 1.8t that starts off in 4th gear in automatic and starts out real slow then drives normal but, if i put it in manual mode it drives normal is my transmission going or could it be my shifter cables

  201. Oil light came on 2005 2.0 lt manual petrol Passat. Checked the dip stick but hard to tell as its a particularly stupid one. Put in 500 mills and the oil came up to half way up the “threaded/grooved” bit at the bottom of the stick. Then the dipstick would not go back in. Meets a solid blockage half way down. The oil light still displays even though the level showed OK. on the stick.
    Any thoughts good people?

    • Not a reply but would like to know , how to replace intercooler, aircon radiator and water radiator and fasten on the craddle

  202. I have recently bought a 2011 61 plate estate. Just got back from a long journey and unpacked the car. Went to close the boot and it just bounces rather than clicking into place. Is this a common problem? Any advice anyone?

  203. Got a clicking noise from front dashboard when starting engine and coming to a stop on passat 03 petrol 2.0 litre car can anyone give me advice.

  204. 02 reg. Passat 1.9 TDI 130
    At low speeds the air filter box assembly vibrates making a grown. The car has done 217000 miles is still driving well kept fully serviced. It’s probably just wear and tear at this mileage. I love the car, is there a solution, perhaps a new assy? Any advice please.

  205. Hy i bought passat 2006 tdi sports. It was running perfect but now when it touches 70 mph glow plug sign appears, stop nd start the engine eliminates the problem. Went to mechanic, he checked it on computer. He found following two faults
    1. Charge pressure control, regulating limit surpassed
    2. Mass or air volume filter low input
    Both of them intermittent.
    I dont know what to do any advice plz

  206. Hi, i have my volkswagen golf psi cracking my heard now. while on motion it automatically turns off. sometimes when you are on traffic jams suddenly you can see the engine is off. when you re start it can start on spot but sometimes not. also when re started and start to move sometimes it accelerates it self

  207. Have a 59 plate Passat TDI Estate, The Emission Control (Amber) lamp stays on. I had a Bosch test and was told it was a coolant temp sensor problem and would cost £114 to fix ! Does this sound reasonable, and is it safe to drive in the meantime ??

  208. Hi All,
    I have a Passat estate x plate and I won’t to get new interior parts get aux leads for gamma radio console glove box repairs etc, does anyone know where I can get them. Love the car and would like to give it some Tlc that it needs.

    If anyone can give me some pointers it would be great


  209. Hi there i have a 2002 passat estate tdi 130bhp,having few issues with lights on my dash,it started off with one day my handbrake light came on and flashed so i checked pads and brake fluid was all fine then the light permanently went off and doesnt even come on now when handbrake engaged,then the figures that show you the mpg on dash have stopped showing on dash and today a temperature symbol was flashin then as i restarted car it doesnt flash anymore.its doing my head in,like computer got mind of its own 🙂 pls help

  210. hi i have a vw passat Lt petrol on a w reg. it loses power when driving above 2000 revs. but will rev up lovely when not moving

  211. Hi, thinking on buying a 2007 passage 2.0, 6 speed. When driving the oil light comes on then STOP comes on the display, is this a Magor problem? Or is it easily rectified.

  212. Hi. I am looking at buying a 55 plate 2.0 petrol trendline 130 bhp estate. The car is in good condition and it is a good price but the only thing I am very unsure about is the fact that at the moment they say that the oil light doesn’t go off. They say they have checked the oil levels and serviced the car but the oil light remains on. They are telling me that they think that it is the sensor for the oil but the car was part exchange and they are not interested in fixing it. Does anyone have any idea what this could be before I take a punt on this car and if you do have an idea then how much it is to fix? Thanks in advance

  213. Hi I have a VW Passat 2.0 TDI 2006 ,
    I have the sign on the dash board showing that my doors are open when they are shut & because of that my doors won’t open or close ,the fuel hatch won’t open , the inner open & unlocking button won’t work ,but when out of the blue the light on the dash board showing the doors are open disappears everything starts to work again but only for a bout a few hours my remote is fine , is there anything I can do to get it working again may be a way to reset it .

  214. I have a vw Passat 2002 tdi and it has started to judder violently and the esp light has come on does anyone know what this could be thanks

  215. Hi passat man, I have a 2007 passat 1.9tdi.
    I have been having an intermittent fault, which is causing the car not to start.. Engine is turning over but just will not fire.. Initially this was only happening when the engine was warm, and leaving it a while seemed to remedy it, car would then start on the button!
    Today however the same fault occurred when the engine was cold..
    I have taken the car to a vag specialist who plugged it in an did a few quick checks, which told us nothing.. No fault codes showing, and all seems well..
    This is a particularly frustrating fault, as the car is a taxi, and on the road daily.. Could really do with getting it sorted! Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Many thanks

  216. I have vw Passat R line with registered in December 2010. It’s diesel saloon, air con is not blowing cold air, got the gas checked but no go, won’t go less than 28 degrees. Any suggestions please?

  217. I have a 2001 passat tdi 130 s
    1.i have had the damp problems, and computer has stalled and stuck, in one the option, how do i reconfigure?. also cabin lights not coming on when opening doors or locking, ive tried all the fuses!. could it be relay switch, plz let me know.
    2.where can i purchase external window seals as all mine have perished?.

  218. HI…. I have a VW Passat estate 55 plate B6 2.0 TDI My parking sensors have stopped working. could anyone tell me were the control unit is situated, Thanks.

  219. I have a vw passat sport 1-8.when We start the car after being stood for a fée days it seems to leak petrol from the back of the car .It Also leaked petrol when waiting at traffic lights to.have you any ideas what could be causing this problem.

  220. what is the correct way to take a cable from the battery when you are replacing a alternator to keep from having to have everything reset are end up buying a entire switch part on a 2006 passat 2.0 T

  221. Hi I own a 2001 vs passat and when I turn it on I hear a loud sound almost like a fan tapping something while it’s spinning and if you sit with it running a little longer it starts a vibrational feel in the car I also noticed the check engine light was on. I busted wanted some opinions

  222. I have a 2001 vw Passat and put in new clutch and know I just found a smashed wire and fixed it going to ignition on starter. Now it still won’t start? I replaced ignition switch, also checked starter still can’t figure it out??? someone please HELP !!!!!!

  223. I have been needing to replace my rear brakes and rotors but have not had the money. The other day I drove it three blocks from my house to my place of work turned off the car was inside for three minutes come back outside and tried to leave and my car wouldn’t start. The battery is fully charged it does not sound like it’s trying to turn over at all I don’t believe it is the starter however prior to the car no longer starting it was reading A emergency code in all capital letters the word stop and then brake fault stop service manual. Any ideas as to why my car wont start? Could there be a safety feature locking me out of starting the car because my brakes need replaced so badly? But I’ve only had my 2003 VW Passat for six months now I bought it used and have had to replace all 8 ball joint control arms in the front end the drivers side CV shaft and a meeting now to replace rear brakes and rotors if I can figure out how to get it to start again. Please help any ideas are welcome

  224. I bought a 1900 tdi and after having the vehicle for almost a jear I noticed when I drove and stop the idling picks up to about 1200 rpm,if I push the acelerator pedal and let it idle it idles normal and then after about 15/20 seconds it picks up again! Only doing it intermittend! Where can I search for what to do!

  225. My gear will not select sometimes if I stop the car.except I wait for sometimes befor it will pick up why .pls I need solution naw pls

  226. I have a 2010 Passat cc.. Recently driving at 70 mph on the motorway at night I keep getting flashed from behind by other cars.. I have checked my lights etc all seems to be fine and there are no Lights on the dash.. There are no other reasons for them to flash me… Could there be a loose connection that’s putting out my backs lights? My front ones seem to be fine not going out etc.. It’s going in the garage in the next few days but as there are no obvious reasons just wondered if anyone else has had any issues like this?

  227. Hi I have 09 passat highline and recently the heater is only blowing hot air on the drivers and cold air on the passenger side any ideas what problem could be

  228. Hi My 2008 Passat 2.0L TDI developed a fault tonight with the steering. When turning the steering wheel right, the steering wheel judders and bounces really bad and the power steering light flashes yellow. I don’t think I can drive the car safely. Any ideas on what the fault could be?

  229. 2002 passat starts ok.as soon as you touch the brake pedal to put in gear engine dies.replaced brake light switch,engine will not crank over now.

  230. Hi I 2002 Passat tdi traction control light comes on at 60 mph it breaks suddenly for a few seconds very annoying any ideas what could be causing this problem

  231. i have a 2008 (08) passat 2.0TDI highline. the oil light came on so i topped it up then approximately 2 miles later the engine died and won’t even turn over! what could this be??????

  232. I have 2001 2.0l petrol estate.
    I have a split breath pipe at the back of the engine (close to bulkhead). I have the component.
    Wondering if it’s an easy fix? Have you guys had issues???

  233. Help please!changed timing belt on Passat 1.9 tdi ABV automatic,since than upto 3gear nice smooth after 3 gear rev counter and very noticeable engine is jumping hardly accelerate .no fault code scanned buy Rac.any ideas please?

  234. i have a 2007 passat estate sport,

    i have a few electrical faults;

    rear windows on all controls dont work including holding the key fob
    drivers side mirror heater doesnt work
    auto boot release doesnt work from switch or key fob.

    ive checked fuses and nothing

  235. I have an issue with my Passat B6, the engine management light has been coming on and the computer throws up an emissions garage message, this has happened 4 times over the last 6 months, seems to make no difference to the running of the car, any one have any idea what could be causing this,

  236. Please i need your help my 2001 vw passat entered into a pool of water and the electronic box became soaked. Thereafter it’s started indicating airbag fault light,d gear stopped selecting etc. Please i need your advice

  237. Hi, passat o4 petrol , revs started to drop off on idle but didnt stall and fine when driving but now starts but stalls out immediately after starting.temp gauge has been going up and down for a few weeks and Ive just had a new front flexi pipe fitted, dont know if anything to do with that ? thanks

  238. I have a 2.0t VW passat 2010. My car want start it clicks but want start all the lights appear on dashboard just want start he told me get a alternator so I did still doing the same he stood me take to auto zone to check battery out they said it was a bad battery and its dead so I charge it there for 30 mins and it was a good battery. He put it back in my car still doing the same can someone please help me

  239. My passat 1.8 is not moving well, i will accelerate before it sluggishly moves and when it moves it doesn’t change on time and when it changes it doesn’t change to a gear where it will move fast, at most is 60km/hr. My mechanic asked me to go for programming. Any idea pls.

  240. My 1.8 liter Passat sometimes doesn’t want to rev but as you apply brakes and then press the gas pedal again it revs out normally. Can someone advise mo on that please?

  241. Passat Estate 1.9 TDI 2008, (3C5,1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)) Recently had a new water pump fitted by a reputable garage, (Not VW main dealer), now the Multifunction display on the fuel consumption is veering between “0” and “199” on a long trip, (50 miles +/-), but is stable on short around town trips. Any advice/guidance would be appreciated.

  242. I have a problem with my 1.8 vw Passat when you excellerate it it just lift the revs once then it don’t want to left it up again

  243. Hi I have a 56 plate vw Passat 2.0 tdi, the battery was flat and I got it jump started, but now above where the temp is instead of it telling you how many miles you have left in the tank it say 55mins? Any ideas?

  244. Hi I believe this a common problem but can’t find out why but I have a Passat 08 140bhp 2.0 litre Boot unlocks the whole car will lock,I don’t think its a sync problem because the key unlocks the boot and locks the car and arms the alarm could this be a faulty button or just a simple battery’s problem, and both keys have the same problem,

  245. I have a 2003 1.8T 5spd I was driving the battery light came on and stayed on then my alternator workshop warning came on and I lost all power. I had my alternator off and tested it’s good and putting out 14 volts so it’s good my battery is new and I don’t know what to even look for now to fix the problem. Can anyone help?

  246. hi I am Semmie my problem with my Passat is that on the screen it shows the Message Brake Fault and then after some distance Stop sign appears I took it to the mechanic who replaced the brakes and break fluid but still the message keeps on appearing. I am afraid of driving it thinking that it will stop while I am on the way. please help

  247. I have a 2006 Passat estate been parked on the drive for several months. The battery is flat as a pancake. I tried to get access with key in drivers door but this still does not give me access. Any ideas anyone please.

  248. Car went into Ben Cross Motors VW garage at Kingston Industrial Estate Carlisle on Friday 9th June at 12.30pm spoke to Ben Cross & told him that the heater plug light was coming on and the car was backfiring, he then put on the diagnostics computer which stated that there was a faulty injector number 1 injector, was told it would need a new injector costing up to £500 was given a courtesy car at 3pm & was told my car would be ready to pick up on Monday, ben cross phoned on Monday 12th June at 12.30pm saying my car was fixed & ready to pick up, I picked the car up at 1pm. Ben also told me that he had to disconnect the battery to put in the new injector & was also told that the car was ready 20 minutes after I had left the garage on the Friday but he decided to wait until Monday to phone me as he knew I was away at a musical weekender, I paid the bill which was £350 by debit card, drove the car home to Dumfries. Just 5 days later on Saturday the 17th June the car started backfiring slowing down & the injector heater light started coming on & off, which was the same problem that I had taken the car to Ben Cross in Carlisle with the week before, so I parked the car up until Monday 19th June, I then drove the car from the town in Dumfries to Akers garage at Heathhall Ind estate Dumfries, where I have been a customer for over 15 years to have the car checked over & explained to Scott the owner from Akers garage, what had happened with the car and that I took it to Ben Cross Motors in Carlisle the week before and he stated the car was fixed, but the same problem has arisen again a week later.
    So Scott said to leave the car & he would have a look, Scott at Akers garage had the car for 3 days and he concluded that there was still a fault with the number 1 injector and that I should take it back to Ben Cross at Carlisle as it would still come under warranty, so I phoned Ben Cross on wed 21st June explaining the same fault had come up in the car and that I had taken the car to Akers garage who also stated that there was still a problem with the number 1 injector and ben cross told me to bring the car back in to him at Carlisle on Thursday 22nd June, I was once again given a courtesy car, I had not had any contact from the garage for 2 weeks when I decided to phone Ben on Thursday the 6th July & ask what the problem is and why they have not fixed the car yet, I was told that he had put a new injector in the car but there was still a problem with it and he told me that it could be a fault with the ECU computer unit in the car & if that is the case the cost could get very expensive, I then decided to go down to the garage at Carlisle to find out what the problem is & the cost of another ECU unit, spoke to Ben at the garage on the Friday 7th July who told me that he had checked the car out & it seems like there is a problem with the ECU which can cost up to £1000, he stated that day that he maybe able to get hold of a second hand ECU for around £300, so I asked him to phone me on the Saturday 8th July to let me know what the outcome was of the ECU unit.
    On Saturday 8th july Ben Cross phoned me around 9.30am and told me that there was a fault with the ECU & that it was not possible to get a second hand one due to the coding of the unit he would have to get one from the manufacturer & it would cost up to £1000, I then stated that I needed my car as this was a very busy time for me as an international dj. Who was doing a lot of travelling, so I asked him how long it would take to get the ECU unit and have it fixed, I also stated that the cars MOT had now run out as I had it booked in for its MOT at Akers garage for the 1st July Ben told me that he would also put the car through it’s MOT & it would all take up to 10 days to have the car fixed, it is now Wednesday 19th July I have not had any correspondence from ben cross as to any updates or the progress of completion of the faults with the car.


  250. hi all i have a passat 05 plate the newer 1 when im in second or third gear and between 1500 and 1700 revs it seems to die slightly but if i apply more throttle it is fine runs like a dream seems to happpen when upto temp i replaced the maf sensor and the egr valve it had a new throttle body before i got the car the problem is so annoying any help would be grateful thanks in advance

  251. Why or how is my VW 2007 Manual Diesel Passat Estate “making oil.” I just bought the car on 31July. Next day 1 Aug took it to a VW specialist who checked the oil level which was horrendously over filled he drained oil, flushed and refilled (There seems to be a spasmodic fault – three times the engine management lamp appears but once engine is switched off, then back on – warning light gone and turbo acceleration all OK) But now six days after oil change the oil level on dip stick has risen about 2cm above full mark. Any ideas as to how this can happen? No apparent contamination of water but oil is very black.

  252. hi.
    my 2000 passat (5 speed petrol automatic) keeps showing all PRND4321 lights.
    I cleaned the MAF, but still recurs.
    any pointers? I am told this is limp mode

  253. Got an 04 Passat 2.0 16v petrol. Car light up like a Christmas tree this am. Check coolant, check oil and engine management came on. Also car rattles when i start for like 5 seconds but is fine after. Just wondering if there are common problems to look at first. Cheers

  254. 2012 passat. left lights on battery dead. jump start. battery charged. all works inside but key fobs do not work remotely for: lock / unlock, emergency alarm, trunk unlock or auto start. Car will not start unless key fob is with me. Cannot lock car using door locks. need some help please.

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