Snow White Passats

If you’re in the UK right now there’s a good chance your Passat will be covered in snow. We’re currently shivering in the worst and earliest start to our winter in decades with many parts of the country crippled by the snow and ice.

It’s not been too bad where I am in my part of northern England, but the surprising thing is that it came when it did – at the end of November. We normally expect this kind of weather in January.

Anyway, back to the Passat! My poor baby – pictured below – has performed very well even as the temperatures here have dropped below -10 degrees celsius. It performs OK in the snow I suppose, but it’s times like this I wish I had the 4Motion, four wheel drive version.

It’s started fine every time, as it did last winter. You do start to worry when the temperatures drop, especially with a car that is not far off its 9th birthday.

Let us know how you’ve got on in the snow with your Passat in the comments below.

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