Passat EPC Warning Light

I started to develop a problem with my Passat when after about 15 minutes of the car running it started to lose power momentarily and the EPC light would come on. Eventually this was accompanied by the catalytic converter warning lamp.

Car would then stall when you came to a standstill and would be hard to start again, but would eventually get going. This just went on every day for the weeks I should have got it fixed.

I took it to the Volkswagen dealer and they were talking about trying lots of things including a compression test and wanted over £300. All without a guarantee of actually fixing the problem! I got the impression that they didn’t know what the problem was.

My Vagcom diagnosed it as a problem with engine speed sensor – also believed to be known as the crank sensor. I got a local, trusted mechanic to change it for £70 and it’s been fine since.



  1. I have the same problem, My traction control warning light came on after doing 105 miles; then 5 minutes later glow plug warning light came on. Do I need to change the speed sensor?

    • Hi Karen. I’d take it to any good local mechanic who will be able to plug in the correct diagnostic tool. They’ll then tell you what needs fixing.

  2. I ve the same probleme epc is on ,engin wont start, i push the key in ignition and nothing is happened. Since 3 days the same problemes , please need help too.

  3. I went to look at a VW Passat1.8 turbo on Sunday at a dealership,it has 83,000 miles, and A full service history.
    but when I test drove the vehicle it was crunching in second gear and third gear and from fourth back down to 3rd also crunching, The dealer said he would have the car up and running by Sunday end of this week. Please tell me people am I nuts going after this car?

  4. I have the same problem with my 2012 pasat
    Epc light the car shakes when it comes on and lose gas pedal won’t go fast at all slows down my fiance google un do the battery hook it back up still the problem

  5. 2003 130tdi pd Passat estate. Swapped cd player for same model as original gave up ghost basically. All was fine prior to this but now steering controls for cd&radio volume,forward and rewind/previous track button wont work. Lights on wheel ok though

  6. I have a problem with my Passat after driving it about 10 min it started showing EPC light and then oil light then slowly stops moving. but then started going again. what is the problem my car is automatic 2 litres petrol

  7. my Passat when driving all the gears lights up and it will stop and then I turn it off then starts again it will go but it keeps on doing the same problem, its an automatic car/petrol/2 litres year 2002.

  8. My vw Passat 1.9 tdi highline 04 has developed a screeching noise coming from the alternator/steering pump area when turning at very slow speed.

  9. 2002 1.8 tiptronic my car when in drive stays in one gear doesnt shift. 432 work and manual doesnt work . What’s wrong pls help

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