1. 2010 Passat 2ltr problem. leaves and pine needles under front windscreen valance also water build up??? Is there a drain hole. Previous model hole under battery platform cant find one on this. Any tips please

  2. Hi I have only had my passat 4 weeks 57 plate and it has dumped it’s engine oil all over my drive oil presure warning light and refer to owners manual msg appeared on dash any help greatly appreciated thanx

  3. Hello please help. I have a 2005 hightline passat tdi hightline 130 bhp. The battery is dead i cant get into the car to open the bonet as there doesnt seem to be a key port anywhere ive tried almost everthing. How to i get in?

  4. Hazard Lights !
    When I lock my 1.9 2009 Hi Line Diesel VW Passatt the Hazard lights sometimes come on a short time later …There is no noise or alarms just the Lights flashing. When I open the car using the Fob they cease flashing …but after locking …sometimes come on again ??
    Any ideas please ??

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